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Water leakages can be destructive, evasive and cost you hundreds of dollars. Leak Detection Solution LLC. Is your one stop solution for accurate, timely and affordable leak detection services. We are a leading water leak detection company in Florida, catering to leakage tribulations in various counties including, Sarasota county,Charlotte county,Manatee county, Hillsborough county,Pinellas county.  Whether you have water soaked walls or ceiling, drizzly pipelines, trickled drainage, we efficiently assess your problems, find leakages and provide customized solutions for your residential and commercial property. Having years of professional experience, our technicians have worked for numerous clients from different industries. Our services are tailored to cater to different scenarios and situations. Our professional technicians critically analyze your property and carry out a structured and systematic leak detection process. Regular inspections are performed to assess the severity of leakage.


Our Services

 Here are our main services and areas of working.

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    Water Detection

    Irrespective of the location, plumbing leaks could occur in all types of pipes, including galvanized steel, copper, ductile iron and other plastic pipes. Using state-of-the-art technology, Leak Detection Solution LLC. leak detection not only saves you time and money but prevents property damage which is otherwise impossible with hit-or-miss method.

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    CCTV Camera Inspection Investigation

     CCTV inspection is a specialized technique of examining pipeline condition inside the pipe surface and above the water level using a camera lens. Drain technicians at Leak Detection Solution LLC. are especially trained to handle the equipment.

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    Drain Cleaning

     Drain blockage is a complete nightmare and you know that there’s nothing much you can do on your own, simply call Leak Detection Solution LLC., and leave the job to experts. Drain blockage can be caused by oil, dirt, build-up fat, soap grease, leave or structural defects like corrosion or roots.

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    Drain Smoke Detection

    By adding harmless, low pressure smoke into the sanitary piping and utilizing special detection equipment , leak detection solution tech’s can locate the presence of sewer gas and pinpoint the exact source within the drain system at your building or house.

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    Hydro Jetting

    Hydro Jetting is a process of Cleaning drain pipe utilizing high pressure water and a special high strength head designed to cut roots and clear out debris from the piping and remove any build up that devolved over the years it will restore and improve the drain pipe flow .

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    Drain Pipe Locating

    Drain issues could occur in any unimaginable location inside or outside, above or below the ground, and locating a drain pipe is only possible with Leak Detection Solution LLC. technology and expertise.

Why Choose Us

  • Non invasive Approach

    Leak Detection Solution LLC. is aimed at providing leak detection without damaging or destructing the property. Our team of skilled technicians takes necessary measures to detect even the slightest of leaks

  • Peace of Mind

    We have helped many domestic and commercial owners to accurately detect Drain pipe faults using our CCTV camera inspection and our technicians are professionally trained to handle the equipment.

  • Reasonably Priced

    We offer flexible contract terms that are easy for you to understand and save you a great deal of time. Depending on the severity of leakage, we give a reasonable price that is easy to afford.

  • Hygiene First

    We take necessary measures to ensure the hygiene of your home or office building. Secondly, with no damage or destruction on the property and you are not disrupted.


  • I would not hesitate to use Leak Detection Solution services again and again.The service was absolutely wonderful for a reasonable price! I called them when I had a leak on a rental property that was somewhere outside.There’s a lot of property so it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But when the technician came, he was right on the money finding the location of the leak. He found it reasonably quickly, was professional, courteous and timely.

    Charlie, Siesta Key, FL
  • “Just wanting to confirm in writing how impressed I have been with Leak Detection Solutiononce more. Your engineer was efficient and polite and went beyond my expectations in trying to sort the problem today. Many thanks and best wishes.”

    Oscar, Punta Gorda, FL
  • I have had several slab leaks in my home over the years. We have used other detection services in the past. So we decided to use the services of Leak Detection Solution because these other companies could not find the previous leaks without opening multiple holes in my kitchen and bathroom floors. We were so happy when the plumber “jack-hammered” the spot one of their staff marked in our kitchen. He marked it perfectly the first time. Thank you so much!!

    James, Sarasota, FL
  • As a manager of various water systems in my area, I have been very pleased with the services provided by Leak Detection Solution. Their staffs are extremely capable and professional and through their efforts have located many subsurface leaks in our water systems, thus enhancing our water accountability and reducing costs associated with water loss in the distribution system.Water Leak Detection Solution has quite satisfactorily assisted our maintenance and repair crews in the pinpointing of “difficult” leaks prior to excavation, thus reducing costs associated with unnecessary asphalt, roadway, and landscaping.I therefore recommend them to anyone considering leak detection services, you won’t be disappointed!!’

    Harry, North Port, FL
  • “We called Leak Detection Solution to find a leak for us. I was able to easily set up an appointment. Two days later, the serviceman arrived promptly. For the most part, he was very professional. We had no issues with him. It was a very quick and speedy visit. He found the leak right away. We were able to call for plumbing services once we knew where the leak was coming from. Overall, he did a great job, and we would recommend them.”

    Noah, Port Charlotte, FL
  • “Thank you Leak Detection Solution for the great job you did in finding our water leak. We were especially pleased with the way you did not destroy anything in our home to find it. You rates were very reasonable and the advice you gave us regarding the age of our pipes was very helpful. We have recommended you to our friend who is faced with the same problem. Thumbs up for a job well done!!!”

    George, North Port, FL

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